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Terry Tools, Formerly the George A. Terry Company, Since 1911


   Terry Tools Inc. was founded as The George A Terry Co by George Terry in 1911. For over 20 years the company manufactured and distributed dental instruments worldwide. In the 1930's a local aircraft manufacturer requested that Mr. Terry design and manufacture a more substantial version of the dental instruments for use in the manufacture and repair of aircraft. As more applications presented themselves, other tools were designed to meet the ever growing demand for tools that gained access into the hard to reach areas of aircraft construction. In addition to the original Terry #3, smaller right angle drilling attachments and flexible versions were added. Then came the adjustable offset and flat offset and 45 degree drilling attachments. Most are also available with an integral flexible shaft that is available in custom lengths.

Over the past 70 years the use of our drilling attachments has expanded into all phases of industry where there is a need to drill, countersink or deburr in close quarters. Today, in addition to their use in the aerospace/defense industry, Terry Tools are used to manufacture, install or repair model planes, telescopes, satellites, ventilation systems, submarines, railway cars, cabinets. sewing machines, conveyor belts, cameras, glove boxes, forensic tables, elevators, appliances, water pumps, eyewear and even potato chips. Some customers use our drilling attachments as components on their equipment such as milling machines and machining centers. The uses of Terry Tools are limited only by the imagination of the user and the creativity of our customers never ceases to amaze us.

Terry Tools have always been manufactured in the USA with the highest quality material available to us. All custom designed and generated gears, shafts and spindles are made of alloy steel that has been properly heat treated for maximum service.

We pride ourselves in being a small, woman owned and operated family business and take a personal interest in all our customers. We have adapted many of our tools to meet the special needs of our special customers, like you. If you have limited access or a tricky situation, give us a call. If our stock tools aren't quite right for your job, we'll work with you to find a solution.